My First Semester at University

Starting University is scary for everyone involved – but after nearly four months here, it’s safe to say that overall, it has been a pretty good experience.

Let me start with a list of truth and lies about university:

Truth: You will settle in very quickly. On the first night, our university held a party for fresher’s at the Student’s Union (SU) – and I went with my new flatmates. We had a great time, and within a couple of days I was closer with two of my flatmates than I ever was with some of my friends from home.

Lie: University is a great experience for everyone! Wrong. Whilst yes, many parts of uni can be wonderful, exciting, and new; I found myself not as blown away as I was expecting to be. This could be because of my particular university, but I definitely didn’t feel as though there was as much going on as people had told me. A lot of the activities at university involve a nightlife and, if you’re anything like me, that isn’t always what you want. Having said that, I did find some societies that seemed quite fun and different…not that I’ve been able to go to them – but we’ll get into that later.

Truth: Moving away from home gives you independence. I was pretty independent anyway, but moving away from home made me even more so. You will have to learn to cook, clean, and wash on your own. If you’re ill, you have to go out and buy your medicine and tissues for yourself. Although sometimes you might wish for someone to come and help, it really is for the best. It’s rewarding and freeing to be able to do things your way.

Lie: All students live on baked beans. I mean come on, really? I suppose that a lot of students will do this, but if you’re reasonably sensible with your money and find a cheap shop nearby, then there’s plenty you can cook! We found the local Aldi within a week of living here, and soon stocked up on delicious, cheap food. And don’t be afraid to try own-brand products.

Those are just a couple of things I have picked up on in the first few months here. Maybe some of those will change next semester, but we’ll find out in April.

My Experience

Personally, I have found myself a little disappointed with my course. I’ve not found it to be as challenging and useful as I had hoped but that isn’t to say that the whole thing has been pointless. I have made some amazing friends in just four short months, and I’ve had opportunities to try new things. This Wednesday I’m even going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my course!

I have loved moving away from home. I feel a lot happier now and I’m just excited to start my own life. Part of me wishes I didn’t have another two and a half years of university ahead of me first, but I suppose for now I’ll see how it goes!

If you’re wondering if University is for you, then I hope some of these points have been helpful. Ask me anything you like, and don’t forget to leave a comment about what you thought about university if you went (or why you didn’t go), and what you’re expecting from it if you have yet to start!

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