A Future Christmas

One day I will make this happen.

It’s Christmas Eve. I am sitting, laptop on knee, legs stretched down the settee and across the lap of my favourite person in the world. The room dim, with only the fairy lights on the Christmas tree and those running over the mantle piece giving it a warm glow. Outside, the sun has faded into a chilly, frosty night.

In the background, Christmas songs hum away the evening as I watch the decorations twinkle gently. Underneath the tree are all shapes and sizes of presents, wrapped in colourful paper with ribbons and bows and tags adorning them. My excitement stirs as I think of the joy they will bring tomorrow. The fire crackles, its smell delicious and comforting, bringing me back to the reality of the moment. I stare back at my laptop, watching the cursor blink at me with expectancy. But I turn to the coffee table, and reach for one of the two steaming hot chocolates. I pull it to my chest, wrapping my cold fingers around it and breathing in the comforting scent.

The person at my feet clears his throat.
“Is it not going very well?”
“Not really,” I admit.
“Turn it off then, let’s watch a film.”
I smile at him and close the laptop. He gets up and turns on the television, I go in search of the cosiest blanket in the house. When I return the table is laden with boxes of chocolate, and we curl up together to watch our favourite Christmas film.

Image Credit | The writing is entirely my own.


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