Collateral Beauty | Film Review

I’ve never written a film review before, so this is going to be fun to try!

Yesterday I saw Will Smith in his new film Collateral Beauty. Going in, I didn’t really know what to expect – I knew it had something to do with the personification of Time, Love, and Death, but other than that I was pretty clueless. And I’m glad I went in clueless; it made the film to much more magical and beautiful than if I had read reviews or descriptions or watched too many trailers. So I am going to do the same for you.

The first part of this review will be spoiler-free, description-free. I’ll tell you the basics of what I thought, and let you make up your minds about the rest. After a not-so-subtle header, I’ll be delving into the nitty-gritty of what I thought.


The first thing I will tell you is bring tissues. By the gods it was an intense film. I had no idea it was going to be that emotional, and indeed that was going to be that emotional. We had to stay after the film so I could dry my tears before returning to the real world again. It was funny, it was sad, it hit home harder than I thought possible for something containing topics I am as yet too young to experience for myself.

The film was truly beautiful. There are no other words to describe it with. As the end credits rolled up the screen, and I hastily tried to make myself look normal again, my mind was still silent in awe. It was made wonderfully, the acting I thought was incredible; and the storyline, just…wow.

I recommend this film to anyone and everyone. It’s rated a 12A for the right reasons, I think. The topics displayed I would say are for the mature 12 year-old and over. There’s some deep stuff in there guys, so be aware of that when taking younger children to see it.

Overall I would give Collateral Beauty 4.5 stars, just because of some confusion with the PI and her grandson (which I go into in the spoiler section). It was a beautiful, emotional, and unapologetic film and I will definitely be watching it again.


***Spoiler Zone***

We have now reached the section where anything goes. I will keep nothing hidden, so if you prefer to go into films not knowing the ending, I suggest you scroll to the comments now! Let me know what you thought of the film if you have seen it, or what you’re most anticipating if you haven’t!


Now that I am free to talk about what actually happened in the film I just have to say…that ending. Stunning, beautiful, incredible, and absolutely one-hundred per cent PERFECT.

In case you can’t tell, I loved the ending. I thought it was brilliantly written and directed and acted and shot and…well I’m new to this so I don’t know which terms to use when (I’ll get there!) but you get the gist. From the beginning of the film I was wishing that the three really were Love, Time, and Death and well…you know what happened. Magnificent.

What was so great was the theme of ‘only those who need us can see us’. We got four for the price of one there, each of them helped in their own little ways. I want to meet the person who came up with the idea for this film, and who wrote such a brilliant script.

One thing I was a little confused on was the PI woman. She is filming the incidents with Howard (Will Smith) talking to no-one – yet she is in on the plan, so surely she can see them too? And her grandson is brought in on the act; can he see Death (Helen Mirran)? So that left me a little confused…

Other than that I thought the whole thing went together perfectly. I didn’t properly guess that Howard and Madeleine (Naomie Harris) were a couple until he turned up to her house that fateful night. I’d had a feeling but that was as far as it got until that moment. Then I knew for sure, and I think I cried the hardest at that point.

OH! I almost forgot. Death found Madeleine in the waiting room, and I think at that point it hadn’t been revealed that she was Death, so that confused me. Then the penny dropped and all the pieces fitted together perfectly. What an incredible film.

collateral beauty 2

Featured Image Credit | Collateral Beauty

Above Image | Villa Gaiety 


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