Dear 2017

Dear Old Year,

You have been a strange one. You have brought so much fear and upset for so many people – it feels as though no-one has escaped it. Event after event has turned sour; person after incredible person has left us. I think many are looking forward to saying goodbye to you, Old Year.

On a worldwide level, you have not been good; but on an individual level, there have been things to celebrate. I achieved a lot this year – mainly in exams – but I have met some wonderful new people and I have grown so much as a person. You have been a year of growth, of upset yes, but of determination to grow and to make things better as a result of this negativity.

Thanks for the good times, Old Year, let us leave it at that.


Dear New Year,

Let’s get this right this time? There is always a renewed hope at the beginning of the year – but it would be wonderful if you could follow that through. There are lots of people hoping and wishing and praying for better things this year. It would be so kind of you to bring them.

I hope for more positivity, both in my own life and in the world around me. I feel that everyone needs a good pick-me-up. Something so brilliant that people will smile when they remember it. Perhaps something that brings us together, rather than tears us apart as previous events seem to have done.

For me, dear 2017, please bring a sense of rightness. A sense that I am choosing the right path. Please let things be good. I am not looking for huge new events or opportunities (although if you give them to me then I will take them, gratefully), but I am looking to remain content. I would like to set a real path for myself, in terms of where to go in life. I want to make a start towards my happy ending.

I am looking forward to meeting you, New Year.

Image Credit | Shutterstock edited by me.


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