Doing What’s Best for You

It’s very easy to feel as though you have a set path, and once you start on it, you cannot waver. I’m here to tell you that this isn’t the case. That you can change your path whenever you want – especially if you’re current one isn’t making you happy.

I always saw my path as school, sixth form, university, job, marriage, kids. And although I am still following the bare bones of that, I have recently realised that it doesn’t have to happen exactly as I originally planned it.

For example, even though I am currently at University, and studying towards a degree, I am unhappy with my course (and the university itself). I decided that I needed to change my plan. This course isn’t making me happy, and doing it for another two years will only make things worse. So I am transferring into my second year at another university doing a related course. Yes, I was surprised to find that you can do that, too.
You can transfer if your course is similar enough, and if the university will take you. I f you can’t transfer, you can always start your degree again. This is particularly the case for first years, as Student Finance (in England, anyway) will fund you for up to four years. This doesn’t include a Masters.

I am so excited to be moving elsewhere and to be studying something else. I know that I am going to miss the friends I have made an awful lot, but I won’t be that far away, meaning I will be able to visit them whenever I want. I know I am going to be so much happier doing something else.

Apart from university, I have also revaluated my ‘life plan’. I’ve noticed that my outlooks have changed, as have my priorities – which had caused me to rearrange the way I used to want my life to go. It’s still a bit scary, but my new plan is logical, and it makes me feel much more relaxed about the next five years or so.

The whole point of this is to show that it is never too late to change your plans, to make sure you’re following a route that is going to make you happy. You have to do things that you’re proud of, and that you are going to be content doing for a few years, if not your whole life. Don’t rush into things. It’s okay to take your time and make sure it’s the right decision for you – and if you change your mind a little down the line, that’s okay too. There are ways around everything.

The possibilities are endless – and not just in terms of education. And they will remain endless, no matter your age.

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