An Evening with Samantha Shannon

Last night, Saturday 1st April, I was lucky enough to attend an evening with Samantha Shannon in Waterstones Birmingham. The night involved a Q&A with the author, as well as a signing and photos!

I have been a huge fan of Samantha Shannon since I read her first book, The Bone Season, not long after it was first published back in 2013. Four years later, I finally got to meet the woman herself – and just admire the human being capable of creating such a fantastic series.

The evening began with a Q&A hosted by one of the women who works at Waterstones Birmingham. She asked some wonderful questions, leading to insights I had never expected. Then, questions went to the floor – and I even asked one myself! It was truly an incredible night; I learned so much not just about The Bone Season series, but also about Samantha’s upcoming novel Priory of the Orange Tree, and about the publishing industry in general.

After the Q&A, we queued up to get our books signed. Unfortunately, my copy of The Bone Season is at home, and so I could only get The Mime Order signed (my copy of The Song Rising had already been signed as it is the collector’s edition). But Samantha said it herself – it just means that I’ll have to go to another event. What a shame!

signed mime order
My beautiful signed book!

Samantha also had a gorgeous stamp with Scion’s anchor and the words ‘Scion No Safer Place’. She personalised my book and wrote “words give wings…” which is the beginning of my absolute favourite quote! Not only that, but I even got a photo with the woman herself. I feel so so lucky so have been able to go and to have met another of my favourite authors. I cannot wait for The Bone Season 4, nor for Priory of the Orange Tree (this sounds like an incredibly lengthy tome that I’m desperate to read!).

All in all, it was a wonderful night, and one I hope to repeat. Thank you so much to Samantha Shannon, for your incredible talent and your genuine loveliness; and thank you to Rebecca and everyone at Waterstones Birmingham for such a beautiful evening!

Shannon signing

Samantha Shannon and myself (you can’t tell from the photo but I’m actually dying inside at the prospect of meeting such an incredible woman)


Featured Image Credit | Waterstones

Other images belong to me.


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