On Looking to the Future

You think of tomorrow, of next week…next year. Doesn’t it seem rosy? Why does it always seem so much better not in the present? Whether you’re thinking back or looking forwards, it always seems so much better than the here and now. You’re always looking forward to something, thinking ‘everything will be better when that happens’. But will it? What if you get there and it’s just the same – what if you get there and you have the same feelings, the same desire for some future event to happen already.

You push the thought aside. No, it must be better. It has to be. Because it feels like it will be; because there are so many positives; because you’ll be a better person. So many reasons. But haven’t you used those reasons before? Last month, last year, last decade? When will they stop being reasons and start being reality?

Image found on Tumblr | All rights to owner

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