Countdown to University

It’s just under three weeks until I go back to university, and I can’t wait!

I say back… I’m going into my second year, but at a new university. That means new friends, new halls, new course. I’m essentially a fresher without the fear of the unknown.

I am so excited to go back to uni, for a million reasons. Right now, my biggest reason is to get away from home. I’ve been here far too long, and considering my initial plan was to not move back I’m amazed I’ve survived this long.

But apart from that, I’m incredibly excited to start my new course! English Literature here we come! I haven’t studied Lit in three years, so this is definitely going to be an experience (and in the year that actually matters, well done Eleanor). But I’m looking forward to learning again. My last course was a bit lacking in that.

So join me on this countdown! My aim is to write about various topics, from packing for uni, what I’ve learnt from my first year, to what I intend to do in my second. (Hopefully this project will also keep me on top of my blog!) So stay tuned for more posts over the next few weeks!

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