Countdown to University | 10 Societies I’d like to try

One of the things I’m really looking forward to at university this year, is joining societies. I did join some at my previous university, but barely attended their sessions for a variety of reasons.

This year, however, I’ll be making much more of an effort to go to the societies I join, and in preparation for that, I’ll be trying out lots of them. Most societies at university offer a ‘Give It A Go’ session – this seems to happen everywhere. At the fresher’s fair I intend to sign up for these sessions with a number of societies, and then stick with those I like best (and that fit into my timetable, of course).

Without further ado, here are ten societies I’d like to try:

1) English Society
This one is pretty much a given, considering this is my degree. The university encourages its students to join the societies of their subjects, as this helps you get to know your course mates (as well as people from other year groups), and often gives you the opportunity to attend talks and useful events for life after university.

2) Archery
This is something I intended to try at my previous university, but then couldn’t find anything out about it. This year though, I’ll at least go to the trial session, and see if it’s something I would enjoy taking on for the year.

3) Baking Society
I spend a lot of time at home baking, so I’ll be continuing this at university anyway, but the Baking Society sounds interesting enough that I’ll trial it at least. I’m not sure it’ll be one I’ll have enough time for, but for now I like the sound of it.

4) Book Club
Pretty self-explanatory – I love books! Joining a book club will help make sure I continue reading for pleasure throughout the year – and will hopefully introduce new authors and genres into my life.

5) Chorus
So I’m not 100% sure about this one yet, but I do enjoy singing and I used to enjoy being part of the choir at school. I think it’ll be worth it for me to try it out, and to get a feel for the songs they sing.

6) Creative Writing
Again, this is part of my degree (I’m taking it as a minor), so it will be useful for me to join the society for support in my writing, and for extra tips and tricks to make my writing better.

7) Dancesport
I have wanted to learn Latin/Ballroom dancing for a while now, and it is something I tried at my previous university (the group wasn’t particularly welcoming), so this year is my opportunity to get involved and get learning! It would be great so have something that’s fun and good for me at the same time.

8) Environmental Action Society
I’m very passionate about looking after the environment and saving the planet we call our home. This campaigning society would be a great way to do something with that passion, and hopefully encourage others to develop one too.

9) Hiking
Alongside my passion for the environment comes by adoration of nature. I enjoy getting out and away from the city and seeing the beauty the countryside has to offer. Hiking it something I’m set on doing – they go walking at the weekend so I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to do this one!

10) Mountaineering
This summer I was introduced to bouldering (rock climbing), and I completely fell in love. The mountaineering society do both indoor and outdoor climbing, but for now at least, I’ll be staying indoors! I hope that in trialing (and potentially joining) this society, I’ll meet people who will help me get better and stronger at climbing.


It’s worth noting that not all of these societies are available at every university – I have taken these from my university’s Student’s Union website. I can’t wait to try them out and see which ones I want to and can carry on with! I’m sure I’ll write an update on them later in the year.

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