University Round 2 | First Term

The end of my first term at my new university is drawing to a close, so I thought I’d take a look back on my decision to move.

Changing universities was always going to be a strange and, at times, difficult experience. I wouldn’t say the move has been either wholly positive or negative – there has been a mixture of all sorts.


The reason I chose to move universities was because my course didn’t live up to expectations, and in fact, I felt a little like I was wasting my time. So the first, and most important, thing to note is that this course is much better. Although I don’t love all of my modules, they are giving me a lot more to do, and I feel as though they are a lot more worthwhile. I absolutely adore my Old English module (it was the reason I chose this course) and I’m sad it finishes next week. Although my Creative Writing minor is still a little disappointing, I am keeping it on because I know there is a brilliant module coming in third year, which I absolutely have to do.

Another positive is the friends I have made in my flat. We don’t spend lots of time together, but I always enjoy it when we do. We have regular film nights with good food and good conversation, and it’s just lovely to do things like that. We went to the Christmas lights switch-on together too! I really enjoy having friends that are willing to do things like that with me, and that I can just have a genuinely nice time with.

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One of the biggest problems I’ve faced this year is settling in and making friends. As I mentioned before, I have lovely flatmates. I also have friends on my course – although I mostly feel like I’m just ‘there’ when I’m with them. I’m not really a part of the group, nor do I do anything with them outside of university. I tend to feel like a bit of an add-on with them. I miss the friends I made last year, who were so wonderful and who I got on with incredibly. It’s hard to not have the same sort of friendships again this year, and it makes me miss them all the more.

Another is that the societies I’ve joined haven’t lived up to my expectations. They generally seem unorganised, and if it’s not that, then I just haven’t enjoyed them like I thought I would. It’s been quite a big let down, especially after getting so excited for them over the summer, but I’ve decided that it’s okay to try something and not like it. I just need to find something I do like, and try again after Christmas. That’s what refreshers is for, after all.

Finally, halls are the worst. I lived in Halls of Residence last year because, as a first year, it’s generally what you do. I live in Halls this year because I don’t have any other option, not knowing anyone in this city. As a first year, it was fine, all part of the experience. But believe me, if you don’t have to live in halls in second year, don’t. I know some people loved living in halls, but I honestly hate it. If I had stayed at my old university, I could have been living with my friends in a nice house – it’s sad what could have been. I definitely have to get out of halls next year.

Overall, moving universities was a good thing for me, although this first term hasn’t quite been as incredible as I’d hoped. Maybe next term things will go better, and I can write a post at the end of the year exclaiming at how wonderful things became. But for now, on to Christmas!


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