Dear 2018

Dear 2017,

I hoped for much more happiness from you than I received. Things have gone up and down on a roller-coaster of emotions – but it’s important to remember the good things.

I am looking forward to saying goodbye to the heartache of 2017. Let’s leave it there, shall we? No more, please, no more.

Thank you for the good times. They are memories I will hold onto for a long time, to unwrap when I need a pick me up. There’s nostalgia in there, but a chance for more learning, more growing. I hoped to understand myself more this year, but it seems I have only discovered more that needs understanding. Maybe next year I will finally get somewhere.

Goodbye 2017. What a convoluted year you have been.

Dear 2018.

As always, I wish for good things. I will always have hope for the coming year. But this time, I’m going to make good things happen for myself. No more leaving it to chance, or to the whim of someone else. No, this year I will be good to myself. I will put myself first when I need to, and hopefully it will result in me being a much happier person.

I am looking forward to see what you bring, 2018. There are lots of possibilities – lots of things up in the air that could be truly wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing them, and I am looking forward to all the new things I will learn, discover, and experience.

Once more, I ask for more positivity. Once more I ask for love and happiness and a sense of rightness. And I ask for these things for everyone. It is time the world was graced with something good.

Goodbye Old Year, and welcome, New Year. Deep breath…let’s go.

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