‘Waking Gods’ by Sylvian Neuvel | Book Review

You may remember me ‘devouring’ Sleeping Giantsthe first in the Themis Files series, but unfortunately this attitude didn’t follow through to its sequel.

I expected to pick up the book and be instantly hooked, like last time, but I found Waking Gods much more difficult to get into. The familiar ‘interview style’ was missing for the first couple of files, and I found myself missing it. Although the personal logs are useful for providing certain information, they made the beginning more difficult to settle into. Therefore I didn’t feel as much need to continue reading.

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Of course, I did carry on, because I still had the memory of the first novel, and wanted to give it a chance. The story picked up, and by the end – even though I wasn’t as enamoured as I was with the first – I knew I’d end up having to read the third book. The plot and the ending was good enough that I need to find out what happens next, but not enough that I’m ecstatic about it. I more feel the need to read the third for a sense of completion.

I felt the writing went downhill a little in this novel. The first book was captivating, and I felt how different each of the characters were. This time, however, some of the writing left me confused, and the characters seemed less distinct. Furthermore, ‘shock’ events were downplayed – I didn’t feel their impact like I should have done.

Despite this, I think a lot of thought has gone into what could feasibly happen in this situation. The reactions of people from news presenters to politicians is explored, and it is interesting to consider how the world would react should aliens appear among us.

Overall, Waking Gods doesn’t match up to its predecessor, but if you are interested in the story then it is worth reading. Be prepared for places of confusion where it feels as though you’re missing some information, but also be prepared for unexpected directions.

This book is absolutely unique, and for that, I recommend it. Once I get my hands on the third novel I’ll be sure to let you know what I thought!

Do you agree with any of my thoughts on Waking Gods? Let me know!

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