University: Final Year

I think we can all agree that university has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. It didn’t just involve moving away from home and making new friends – it meant moving twice, making new friends twice. It meant course changes and heartbreak and despair. But it wasn’t all bad.

My final year at university has been stressful to say the least. During the first term I had my dissertation to write, along with beginning a new relationship, and being on the committee for a society. It all piled on top of me for a little while and I wasn’t sure I could manage it all.

I did, in the end. I got my dissertation written (a First, thank you very much), and I have developed an amazing new relationship. I did let go of the society, though. It wasn’t worth the unhappiness and the stress.

This term has been a lot calmer, yet I’ve still found myself feeling like I had a lot on my plate. My modules have given me two novels a week for reading, plus translations, and article readings, and grammar tests. It has been a lot, but I’ve done it. As I am writing I have two weeks left of lectures and seminars and then…I’m done. I have a couple of essays to write, and a month off for Easter followed by two exams. And that is my degree completed.

It’s madness, really, to think how quickly these three years have gone. 18-year-old me has well and truly vanished. Bring on 21-year-old me. I’m looking forward to seeing where the rest of the year takes me.

I have a few ideas in mind, and options circling around me. A lot of it is a waiting game – will I get that offer, will I get an interview? But it’s strangely exciting to have all of these possibilities in the air — despite me being someone who likes to plan in advance.

As usual with the end of term approaching, I find myself looking back to my blog. I have learnt to not put too much pressure on myself to make a routine of things, and to let myself enjoy them (the enjoyment is what makes me keen to carry on). So, with no promises and no guarantees, hello readers. How are you? How have the past seven months treated you?

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